Take an immersive tour of the North Central region

Our Heritage & Flavors tour takes you on a cultural and culinary journey through northern and central Tunisia. We invite you to savor the delights of the Tunisian terroir and regional culinary specialties, to meet passionate local artisans and to soak up the enchanting atmosphere of this country rich in history and tradition. Join us for an unforgettable adventure, where every stage is an invitation to discover, share and enrich.

Period: September to May

Duration : 7 days/8 nights

Participants: 5 to 10 people

Accessibility : Accessible

Languages : French, Spanish, English, German and Italian.

Location: Tunis- Nabeul- Sfax- Kerkennah- El Jem – Kairouan – Le Kef

Transport and accommodation: Tourist rolling stock (microbus/MiniBus) – Guest houses + Hotels

Location: North Central Tunisia

Let me take you on a journey to Tunisia, where our Heritage and Flavors tour plunges you into the heart of a North-Central Tunisian getaway. Imagine exploring the delights of Tunisia’s terroir through carefully crafted gourmet itineraries. You’ll have the opportunity to taste local products and learn more about the passion of local artisans. This tour takes you on a journey through history and tradition, allowing you to discover UNESCO heritage sites, unique addresses and delightful culinary experiences. In Tunisia, local produce is a powerful vector for regional development, offering a diverse palette of flavors that can create momentum, empower rural women and anchor populations in their traditions. Each encounter with local artisans, each tasting of traditional dishes, and each immersion in history and culinary traditions will transport you into a world of discovery and authenticity.

Highlights of the experience

The strengths of our tour lie in the combination of cultural and historical heritage with local flavors. These tours offer visitors an immersive and memorable experience, including visits to must-see sites such as mausoleums, museums, wineries, historic monuments and craft workshops, as well as tasting traditional dishes and discovering local culinary know-how. This promotes cultural and culinary heritage, supports local players, and creates unique experiences for tourists.

Ideal if you’re looking for activities to …

  • Meet and chat with the locals
  • Support local initiatives by artisans and local operators who work to anchor their traditions and promote their products.
  • Discover a rich and diverse cultural and culinary heritage
  • Discover Tunisia through the eyes of its people, off the beaten track
  • Exchange, discover and enjoy moments of sharing with Tunisians who are passionate about their land, their profession and their country.

The spirit

Our tour aims to promote our tangible and intangible heritage, and to support sustainable initiatives in the regions concerned, by bringing together local operators and economic players working to create, innovate and promote Tunisia’s wealth in new ways.

We’ve got you covered…

The tour offers 6 regions between North & Central Tunisia, including a rich combination of visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites, culinary and emblematic specialties to savor, culinary workshops highlighting local products specific to each region such as Harissa in Nabeul, Octopus in Kerkennah, olive oil with its different varieties, Northern wines…and unforgettable human encounters between artisans, hosts, chefs and various active local operators.

For visitors participating in our tour, we recommend immersing yourself in the experience by being open to discovering our history, local cuisine & traditions.

It’s also a good idea to talk to your hosts to learn more about their history, their trades and the local products they offer. Finally, it’s important for visitors to share their feedback with us.


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