Imen Mefteh invites you to the Taste Farm in Tabarka

Let us guide you through the culinary arts of the land at our educational farm.

Experience a day of total immersion in the world of pure flavors in Tabarka. At La ferme des saveurs, we guarantee you a return to nature, where you can rediscover the beauty of the great outdoors, simple, organic products and the company of our animals. Come and enjoy one of our workshops for all ages. The children are always delighted to take part in the work, helping to milk the cows, feed the calves or make cheese. At La ferme des saveurs, I offer you a farm family atmosphere in the Tunisian countryside, with memorable moments and memories.

Period: All year round

Duration: 1 day

Participants: 5 to 15 people

Level: All levels

Languages: French/Arabic

Location: Rissala Kids Farm

Transport and accommodation: Not included in the experience (On request)

Location: Tabarka Jendouba Bouterfes Km 7, Tabarka 8110, Tunisia

Your host: Me Imen Mefteh

Once upon a time, in the picturesque town of Tabarka, nestled between the mountains and the sea, there was a determined mother who had discovered the importance of the farm for her autistic son. She realized that nature, animals and farm activities had an incredible impact on her son’s development and well-being.

This mother had a bold vision: to create a one-of-a-kind educational farm, combining the benefits of nature and animals with a culinary tourism approach. She had discovered that her autistic son was developing a passionate interest in cooking, fresh ingredients and authentic flavors. This is how the idea of the Tabarka educational farm came about.

The spirit

Set in lush green countryside, surrounded by lush gardens and free-ranging animals, the educational farm had become a place for learning, sharing and discovery. Visitors could take part in a variety of activities, from growing organic vegetables, milking goats and making artisan cheese, to fishing in a stocked pond.

But what made this educational farm truly unique was its focus on culinary tourism. Visitors were invited to take part in cooking workshops, guided by passionate local chefs, who taught them traditional culinary techniques from the region. They could prepare and taste authentic dishes using fresh ingredients harvested directly from the farm.

The people running the activity were experts in organic farming and local cuisine, but above all they were warm, welcoming and sensitive to the specific needs of each visitor. They offered an inclusive, caring environment where children and adults, including those with special needs, could feel comfortable and thrive.

The educational farm thus highlights its expertise in managing educational culinary workshops, offering other farms and B&Bs in the region the opportunity to develop a unique and attractive culinary offering for their visitors. The training courses offered by the “Farm Road” label are designed to share the best practices, knowledge and skills needed to create and manage culinary educational workshops, thereby strengthening the entire local agritourism sector.

Highlights of the experience

  • Proximity to the food source: the educational farm puts visitors in direct contact with the source of their food. They can learn how vegetables, fruit, cereals, dairy products, eggs, meat and other ingredients are produced and harvested. This can lead to an interest in food provenance, sustainable agriculture and environmentally-friendly farming practices.
  • Hands-on learning: the educational farm offers opportunities for practical learning about growing food. Visitors can take part in activities such as planting vegetables, harvesting crops, milking cows, making cheese and baking bread. This gives them a concrete understanding of the food production process and a better appreciation of the value of the work done by farmers and breeders.
  • Culinary diversity: the educational farm can also be a place to discover and share culinary diversity. Visitors can learn about the different varieties of fruit, vegetables and cereals grown on the farm, as well as the different breeds of livestock. They can also discover traditional cooking techniques and local recipes associated with the region’s culinary culture.
  • Raising awareness of healthy eating: the educational farm can promote healthy eating by emphasizing fresh, local foods. Visitors can learn about the nutritional benefits of fresh food and the importance of eating local produce to support local farmers and reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting food.
  • Intergenerational education: the educational farm offers a unique opportunity to share culinary culture between different generations. Children can learn practical knowledge about food and agriculture, while adults can share their experiences and culinary know-how. This can strengthen ties between generations and encourage cross-cultural sharing of ideas and culinary traditions.

Ideal if you’re looking for activities for…

  • Children ;
  • Families with children and teenagers;
  • Couple’s getaways ;
  • Retirees;
  • Solo travelers;
  • Solo or group travelers (Women only);
  • Your company’s employees and partners (team building).

We’ve got you covered…

Welcome to the farm.
After a welcome and introductions, we start the day with a tour of our farm. I’ll tell you the story of the farm and show you its different parts.

We continue with the discovery of local produce and the authentic flavors of the region, as well as learning traditional culinary techniques to sublimate the farm’s ingredients.
Related to the workshop you’ve chosen (Here you have an example of the cheese workshop.)

For this workshop: equipped with your milk bucket and milking rags, we visit the goats before moving on to the cheese-making workshop. You’ll have a vat, a mold and a thermometer to monitor the milk temperature. The next step is renneting and manufacturing.
At the end of the workshop, we all sit down to taste the cheeses we’ve made during the day.


  • On request.
  • Prices include: the organization of the experience, the products used and served during the experience and the tasting.
  • Prices do not include: transport, accommodation, extras.
  • Reservation policy: consult your host
  • Cancellation policy: consult your host

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