Come and harvest olives and learn how to extract the oil in Tunisia’s Dahar region.

Culinary experience in the Dahar region with farmers from the Beni Kheddache ksours

In the ksours of Beni Kheddache, culinary culture is mainly associated with oil. It is the main component of every daily or occasional dish for the inhabitants of the villages in the Al-Dhahir mountain range. We offer you an exceptional experience with the farmers of the Beni Kheddache ksours. Away from the beaten track, you’ll immerse yourself in the customs, traditions and heritage of a region still sheltered from the waves of tourists. A unique experience of exchange and sharing with a population strongly attached to its history and terroir.

Period: Olive season (November to January)

Duration: 5 days 4 nights

Participants: groups of 8 min and 16 max

Level: Accessible to all

Languages: French, English (other on request)

Location: Al Dahar Mountain, Taoujout to Douiret villages

Transport: Not included in the experience

Accommodation: included in the experience

Your hosts: Houcine Hechmi, members of the association and a family from Beni Kheddache

Houcine Hechmi is a researcher and member of the Association de Protection des Ksours et de la Conservation du Patrimoine de Béni Kheddache.

Highlights of the experience

  • An authentic experience between history and terroir, less than half an hour from Médenine ;
  • A cultural, gustatory and human immersion;
  • Visit oil mills, thousand-year-old olive groves, mountain oases and ancient spiritual sites;
  • Journey through cave villages, troglodyte houses and ksours;
  • Hosts, B&Bs and guest houses who know the Berber heritage and love to share it with you;
  • Tasting, sensory discovery and great moments of discovery of the panoramas of Mount Dahar, exchange and sharing of culinary experiences;
  • Berber atmosphere, joyful and friendly;
  • An experience adaptable to all ages and levels.

Ideal if you’re looking for activities for…

  • Families with children and teenagers;
  • Couple’s getaways ;
  • Cultural researchers ;
  • Adventure tourists and solidarity tourists;
  • Solo or group travelers;
  • Enthusiasts of authentic culinary experiences.

The spirit

We offer a unique experience that combines exploration and authentic encounters. An atmosphere that’s NATURAL and spontaneous. You’ll discover the history of the Beni Kheddache ksours, meet the locals and share some exceptional moments. For centuries, the inhabitants of the ksours in south-eastern Tunisia have preserved their secular houses, the traditions of oil production and the “Jessours” that preserve rainwater and produce many different types, including the Zarrazi olive. A local variety known for its large size, high quality and delicious taste. With the families of our ksours, you’ll discover this variety and take part in the work of collecting, crushing, pressing and crushing the olives. You’ll experience the celebration of the olive season with olive and oil tasting, local meals and a festive atmosphere.

We’ve got you covered…

Day 1: Reception of the group in Mednine or Gabes, then departure for the Amazigh village of Taoujout. Visit the village and discover one of Tunisia’s most typical weaving traditions. You take part in a weaving workshop with the village women. Visit the various Matmata oil mills and the museum on the way to Zemerten. Lunch at Bouhala’s, then visit the Bouhala museum, Toujen oil mill and ksar halouf. Overnight at Dar Asmaa: guest house with Berber evening.

Day 2: Breakfast and visit to olive groves. Together with family members, we start harvesting the olives to the rhythm of folk songs. Lunch with the family. In the afternoon, we set off to explore the archaeological sites. Overnight Dar Ennaim: guest house.

Day 3: Breakfast before heading off to the traditional oil press, where you’ll discover a unique place with a special atmosphere during this season. Experience olive oil extraction and taste the oil directly after extraction. Lunch and visit to Guermassa village. Overnight Dar Ennaim: guest house.

Day 4: Breakfast and departure to visit the village of Chenini and its beautiful old oil mills. Visit the Akarite olive grove on the way to Douirette. Lunch at Hasna’s and visit to Douirette village. Overnight stay at the Kenza Chenini guest house.

Day 5: Departure.


  • On request.
  • Our prices include: design and organization of the experience, accompaniment, transport, catering, accommodation and visits.
  • Our prices do not include: transport to Médnine, insurance, extras.

Recommendations for running the experiment smoothly :

Comfortable shoes and decent clothes, the local population is conservative.

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