The PAMPAT project is implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and financed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

Harissa is much more than a simple condiment. It represents a rich history, a centuries-old tradition, a know-how inherited from our ancestors that we preserve with passion. Fatma’s workshop is a convivial space for a unique culinary adventure, a plunge into the world of a Tunisian product listed as an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. This special experience combines culinary tradition with convivial exchange in a warm and original setting.

Dar Omi daouda benefits from the support of the Projet d’Accès aux Marchés des Produits Agroalimentaires et de Terroir (PAMPAT) as part of the implementation of the national strategy for the valorization and promotion of local products in the pilot region of Nabeul.

Period: all year long

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: maximum 10 people

Languages: Arabic, French

Location: Medina – Yasmine Hammamet, sales outlet No. BB18

Transport and accommodation: not included

Once upon a time, Dar Omi Daouda was an adventure that began with an unwavering passion for spices and harissa. Leaving Tunisia at the age of 18 and despite the distance, his mother regularly sent him parcels filled with mysterious boxes of spices from his hometown of Nabeul. Intrigued by these unfamiliar scents, she embarked on a quest to discover their secrets, often faced with the difficulty of finding them in the shops of her host country.

Each time she returned home, she would rush to her mother to learn the subtleties of these bewitching blends. His culinary exploits were greeted with admiration by those around him. Little by little, she began to create her own compositions, adding exquisite flavors to dishes. Soon, everyone who tasted his creations was clamoring for his precious spices.

Despite the doubts of those around her, who didn’t look kindly on a woman’s work, she decided to market her products. Back in Tunisia, she launched her blends on local markets, through exhibitions in Nabeul and participation in fairs in Tunis. Her love of spices even led her to grow her own plants, thus integrating all the links in the production chain.

She then became involved in collaborations with international organizations and associations, organizing cooking and spice preparation workshops, as well as demonstrations of the distillation of orange blossom water typical of her region. Participants were delighted to create their own products.

His growing influence attracted the attention of the Tourist Office and travel agencies, who began to bring him groups of tourists interested in his culinary talents. She expanded her project, hiring women from her community and creating sources of income for them.

Today, she offers her services in a space in Medina Hammamet, welcoming groups of tourists for participatory workshops and tastings of typical local dishes. Participants leave with a jar of harissa they’ve prepared or a vial of orange blossom water they’ve distilled.

Highlights of the experience

  • Direct contact with the craftswoman to discover her authentic know-how and concoct your own harissa.
  • Tasting of different types of Harissa and typical Harissa-based dishes from the Nabeul region.
  • Buy local products, including different types of Harissa.

The spirit

The experiment takes place at the el Medina tourist complex in Yasmine Hammamet in the Governorate of Nabeul, where harissa has its historical roots. Fatma’s workshop offers :

  • A space richly decorated in the hues of local craftsmanship, ideal for introductory sessions to traditional harissa-making, as well as original culinary experiences and convivial gourmet breaks.
  • A sales outlet offering a wide selection of local products from the Nabeul region, mainly different types of harissa, spices and orange blossom water.

I’ve put together some…

At Dar Omi Daouda, you’re welcomed into an atmosphere steeped in history and passion. Guided by me, you’ll explore the traditional harissa-making process, from the meticulous selection of ingredients to the filling of the jars. Our discussions will be punctuated by captivating accounts of the origins and secrets of this speciality, which is listed as an intangible heritage of humanity.

After the effort of preparation, comes the pleasure of tasting, where local flavors blend harmoniously with homemade creations. At the end of the workshop, you’ll leave filled with memories, knowledge and a jar of harissa, witnessing an authentic experience.


  • On request.
  • Prices include: organization of the experience, visit, preparation workshop, tastings.
  • Prices do not include: transport, insurance and extras.
  • Terms of payment: please consult the host.
  • Reservation and cancellation policy: consult the host.

Contact us

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  • Telephone / WhatsApp: 29 378 002
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