Conference on culinary and creative tourism

Conférence sur le tourisme culinaire et créatif

Conference on Culinary and Creative Tourism

Culinary, creative, regenerative tourism… The new demands of travelers in search of authenticity and human values, offer destinations the opportunity to reinvent themselves by diversifying their offer through the co-creation of experiences linked to intangible heritage and local know-how.

Tunisia is a perfect example. With projects such as The Culinary Route of Tunisia, it is positioning itself as a sustainable tourism destination.not only for the quality of its offering, but also for the value chains generated throughout the co-creation process with local communities.

The International Conference on Culinary and Creative Tourism, to be held on Tuesday November 28 in Tunis, aims to highlight experiences of food and wine tourism in various countries, as well as the challenges encountered during these processes, and above all to open up debates and exchanges with national and international experts and professionals aware of these paradigm shifts.

As a result, the conference will be practical, inclusive and experiential, focusing on both the supply and demand sides, and bringing together inspiring examples for experience creators, intermediaries and destinations alike.

These panels will be complemented by time for exchange and networking in an immersive, creative and gustatory setting, encouraging the active participation of all participants.