Culinary and cultural escape to the Kerkennah Islands with Rahma Ben Hmida from the Manaret guest house

A culinary immersion with the local population of Kerkennah

Immerse yourself in the life of the people of Kerkennah and savor the best local dishes of an island paradise. At the heart of our initiative lies the pedagogical expertise passed on by former teachers and pedagogues from the region. With passion and determination, embark on this adventure that promises to enrich your knowledge and help you discover the secrets of the local population’s life and culinary traditions.

Period: All year round

Duration: ½ day to one day

Participants: from 2 to 12 people.

Level: No level required

Languages: Arabic, French

Location: Manaret Kerkennah guest house

Transport and accommodation: Not included in the experience. Lodging on reservation, on site.

Location: Manaret Kerkennah guest house, Bourrouss, Ouled Kacem, Kerkennah

Your host: Rahma Ben Hmida épouse Ben Moussa

Manaret Kerkennah Rama

Teacher for over 25 years, educational assistant for over 10 years, active member of several associations such as “Les Amis des Oiseaux” and others, children’s storyteller, Tunisian Scout leader.

Highlights of the experience

  • Discover the magic of Kerkennah Island;
  • Immersion in the life of the local population;
  • Meet and chat with your hosts ;
  • Preparation of local dishes;
  • Taste the products you have made yourself, as well as our delicious recipes;
  • Experience a unique moment in a family atmosphere;
  • Great moments of discovery and sharing.

Ideal if you’re looking for activities for…

  • Families with children ;
  • Solo travelers;
  • Groups of friends ;
  • Retirees;
  • Lovers of good food.

The spirit

The origins of the guesthouse, created in 2016, lie in a family project and the ambition of two parents to create an experience that brings the whole family together. The 3 children play an active role in the development of the guest house and its ancillary activities.

Manaret Kerkennah reflects the traditional architecture of Kerkennah. Its stone construction and tower often attract the curiosity of passers-by, who sometimes push open the door to discover what lies behind the large wooden gate. Built with care, every nook and cranny of the guest house and rooms is filled with ancestral treasures: historical kitchen and farming accessories, traditional fabrics and many other surprises. With its breathtaking sea views, organic and traditional breakfast and swimming pool, the guesthouse is a haven of peace.

“A well-kept, tastefully decorated house! The owner takes great care of her guests… The breakfast is copious and tasty. We also ordered table d’hôte meals (fish and octopus couscous, a Kerkenian specialty). The owner’s son also introduced us to local fishing (we caught crabs, took a boat trip and went swimming!). The island is small but very pleasant for family time. It’s very calm and far from the excitement of big seaside towns like Sousse or Hammamet”, says a resident on the Internet.

The guest house team takes great care of its residents to offer them a tailor-made stay: unique land and sea activities: bike rides, fishing and swimming by boat, traditional meals prepared on request, etc… More recently, paddleboarding and kayaking have been added to the range of activities on offer to satisfy the desires of young and old alike.

We’ve got you covered…

Imagine yourself on a sea-land circuit, where the treasures of the sea mingle with the greenery of olive groves. Our educational activities come to life in these enchanting settings. It all starts at “Charfiya”, among the fixed marine fisheries, where children and young people are invited to explore underwater life and understand the importance of preserving this fragile ecosystem.

The journey continues to the traditional houses of the Kerkennians, a place frozen in time where the ancestral method of extracting olive oil is still practiced with fervor. There, young people learn the art of creating golden olive oil using ceramic pots, just as their ancestors did. It’s an immersion in the region’s living history, a history lesson to be savored as much as learned.

While the children discover these ancient traditions, a modern culinary adventure is in the making. Practical recipes emerge, uniting Kerkennah olive oil with the treasures of the sea to create delectable, nourishing snacks. These taste creations are specially designed for young palates, so that they can enjoy them during breaks at school, on excursions or as part of various sharing events, such as exciting culinary workshops where everyone can personalize the recipes as they wish.

Every moment of this educational experience is a window onto a world of learning. Young people are not just spectators, but committed actors, discovering the secrets of olive oil and marine treasures while giving free rein to their creativity. Through this immersive approach, they gain a deep understanding of the importance of preserving local traditions and the region’s natural resources.

By merging past and present, theory and practice, our initiative aims to leave a lasting imprint on young people’s minds. We aim to cultivate their interest in heritage preservation while encouraging healthy food choices. In this exciting adventure, each chapter written in their memories is a step closer to creating wise future guardians of culture and the environment.


  • On request.
  • Our prices include: Organization of the experience, sea trip, water, tastings, lunch prepared with participants.
  • Our prices do not include: Transport, insurance and extras.
  • Payment terms: Please contact us.

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