Introduction to olive oil tasting techniques with Naziha Grati

Taste experience in the world of extra-virgin oils with an expert

Immerse yourself in the world of olive oil and discover the delicate aromas of extra virgin oils.

Become a taster and learn to distinguish the qualities of olive oil. During this experience, you can explore the subtleties of olive oil through a meticulously orchestrated tasting session. From the shimmering color of each sample, to the dance of aromas that will awaken your nostrils, you’ll unveil the mysteries hidden behind each drop and feel the delights of noble bitterness and delicate spiciness, and we’ll learn to listen to the stories that flavors whisper to our curious palates.

Period: All year round

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Participants: Min 2 Max 16 People

Level: All levels

Languages: English/French/Arabic

Location: Guest houses, Self-catering cottages

Transport and accommodation: Not included in the experience (On request)

Location: Sfax

Your host: Ms Naziha Grati

As a researcher and expert in the field of olive oil, I’m passionate about this product. I offer you this unique experience, allowing olive oil lovers, history buffs and all those curious to discover new horizons to dive into the rich genetic heritage of the olive tree, while learning about the importance of the olive tree, the chemical and sensory characteristics of olive varieties, the different categories of oils, etc….
I’ll introduce you to official tasting methods using the necessary equipment, and give you tips on how to choose your oil and how to match it to different dishes.

I’m also offering you a booklet on Tunisian olive varieties and their chemical and sensory characteristics.

Highlights of the experience

  • Continuous learning: olive oil tasting is a continuous learning process. The more you taste different oils, the more you’ll develop your palate and your ability to discern subtle nuances.
  • Olive oil tasting offers a captivating sensory experience, combining aromas, flavors, textures and health benefits, while enriching knowledge and sharing pleasant moments with other enthusiasts.
  • Conviviality: the olive oil tasting experience can be shared with other enthusiasts, making it a convivial and social activity.
  • Learning & discovery: olive oil tasting allows food lovers to develop their palate and hone their sensory skills. It’s an opportunity to learn about different olive varieties, production methods and growing regions.
  • Exploring the terroir: some olive oils are linked to specific regions, and tasting allows you to travel sensorially to these places, exploring their unique characteristics.

Ideal if you’re looking for activities for…

  • Families with children and teenagers;
  • Couple’s getaways ;
  • Retirees;
  • Solo travelers;
  • Solo or group travelers (Women only);
  • Your company’s employees and partners (team building).

We’ve got you covered…

Welcome to an exquisite olive oil tasting experience, where every drop is an invitation to a sensory journey through fields of blossoming olive trees and sun-drenched terroirs. In this gustatory journey, we’ll guide you through the steps to explore the aromas, flavors and textures of Mediterranean liquid gold.

First, take a moment to contemplate the natural beauty of the olive oil in your glass. Observe the shades of green and gold, creating a web of color that tells the story of the olive, the sun and the earth.

Take an olfactory journey by gently approaching the glass to your nose. Let the aromas release and evoke memories of orchards in midsummer: fresh herbaceous notes, delicate fruity scents, perhaps even a hint of distant spices. Take the time to let these aromas awaken your senses.

Now take a sip of olive oil and let it spread in your mouth. There, it unfurls its silky, delicate texture, caressing every nook and cranny of your palate. Enjoy the balance between mild bitterness and subtle spiciness that pleasantly tickles your throat.

Let yourself be carried away in a gustatory dance where flavors evolve and transform. You may discover notes of fresh apple, herbs and aromatic plants, or even almond, tomato and artichoke. Each sip is like a delicate riddle to be solved, an invitation to explore further.

Don’t forget to use the retro-olfaction technique, taking a gentle breath through the mouth. Let the aromas rise and mingle with your senses, creating an enchanting olfactory symphony. Between each tasting, enjoy a piece of apple or fresh bread to cleanse your palate, preparing you to fully savor the next olive oil with a virgin canvas.

Finally, share your discoveries with your tasting companions. The conversations that emerge from this enriching experience can open up new perspectives and deepen your understanding of olive oil.

May this experience transport you to sunny orchards and Mediterranean lands, where every drop of olive oil is a story to be told and savored.


  • On request.
  • Prices include: the organization of the experience, the products used and served during the experience and tasting, the lunch or brunch served and the fees of the mediator-trainer if necessary.
  • Prices do not include: transport, accommodation, extras.
  • Extra: a booklet on Tunisian olive varieties and their chemical and sensory characteristics.
  • Reservation policy: consult your host.
  • Cancellation policy: Consult your host.

Recommendations for running the experiment smoothly :

  • Be in a good mood.
  • Do not smoke for at least one hour beforehand.
  • Avoid strong odors (such as perfume), as they may interfere with olive oil’s delicate flavors.

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