Take part in the date harvest with Douz farmers and Touil Travel

A unique immersive experience in a southern Tunisian oasis

Immerse yourself in the festive and convivial atmosphere of the oasis during the date season and enjoy an authentic Saharan experience. We offer you a wonderful experience to share with farmers during the date harvest at the Douz oases. As you explore the oasis and the dunes of the south, we’ve concocted moments of pure delight for you too, with a demonstration of how to bake and taste sand bread.

Period: November-December-January

Duration: 01 to 03 days

Participants: 02 to 30 people

Languages: Arabic-French-English-German

Location: Douz

Transport and accommodation: Not included in the experience (can be arranged for you)

Location: 30 min from downtown, in the oasis

Your hosts: the Touil Travel team and Douz farmers

Highlights of the experience

  • Discover the South with its oases and sand dunes;
  • Immersion in the daily life of oasis farmers;
  • Experience a family atmosphere with the farmers;
  • Enjoy fresh dates;
  • Take part in the date harvest;
  • Climbing palm trees for sport;
  • Demonstration, preparation and baking of sand bread;
  • You can take gifts home with you for your family.

Ideal if you’re looking for activities for

  • Families with children and teenagers ;
  • Retirees ;
  • Solo traveler ;
  • Women’s tourism ;
  • Sustainable tourism ;
  • The adventurers ;
  • Lovers of culinary and gastronomic discoveries.

The spirit

In a spirit of solidarity, this experience offers you magical moments in the Douz Oasis, but that’s not all! You have the opportunity to experience the daily life of the date season with the farmers. They welcome you with joy and good humor and invite you to take part in this exceptional season, which is so important for the local economy. The date season is the most important in the agricultural calendar of the entire southern region.

The experiment is also part of a sustainable spirit, and aims to help local people preserve their trades and the know-how of the date culture.

We’ve got you covered…

Arrival in Douz and welcome by our guide. After a presentation of the experience, we set off in a 4×4 to discover the oasis and palm grove. After this orientation tour, we enter the palm grove to meet the farmers. During this period, the palm grove resembles a beehive. Some climb the palm trees, others bring back dates for sorting.

After a glass of Saharan tea, you’re invited to join in the harvesting of Tunisia’s juiciest dates. The more athletic can of course climb the palm trees to collect the date branches, with the help of the farmers.

In a friendly atmosphere, they’ll explain the harvesting stages, date varieties and how to store and transport them.

After harvesting, you taste the fresh dates and enjoy their unique tastes and flavors, before watching a demonstration of how to prepare and bake the galette des sables. A special moment in which you can see how Bedouins adapt to their environment.

After lunch, end of experience and departure.


  • On request.
  • Our prices include: organization of the experience, transport by 4×4 or cart, water, visit to the palm grove and date picking, lunch, tea.
  • Our prices do not include: transport to Douz, insurance and extras (olive oil tasting).
  • Terms of payment: please consult the host.
  • Reservation and cancellation policy: consult host.

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