A traditional Berber culinary walk with the people of Zriba

Immersive culinary experience at a must-see venue in Zaghouan

For lovers of unusual discoveries and healthy, authentic food, I propose an authentic Berber culinary tour. A gastronomic journey through the history of our culinary traditions and an invitation to discover a unique savoir-faire. This immersion in solidarity takes you close to the men and women of our village, who are committed to their culinary heritage. You’ll prepare an authentic Berber dish with us, using local produce, and taste delicacies whose aroma has intensified over the ages.

Period: All year round

Duration: one day

Participants: 2 to 10 people

Level: Accessible to all

Languages: French, Arabic

Location: Dar Zriba, Zriba, Olia Zaghouan

Comfort : *****

Transport and accommodation: Not included in the experience (On request)

Your host: Makrem Hadj Sghaie

Originally from the village of Zriba, I’m a campaigner for the preservation of the Berber heritage of our region and of my village in particular. That’s why I decided to create the DAR ZRIBA tourist center and guest house. Here, we welcome you with open arms and a warm heart, to tell you about the history of the Berbers and to help you taste the traditional dishes of our tribe.

Highlights of the experience

  • Visit Zriba and its picturesque Berber village;
  • Discover Tunisian Berber culture;
  • Immersion in local life with our family;
  • Discover local products ;
  • Discover local dishes and ancestral recipes;
  • Preparation and tasting of local and organic products;
  • A family atmosphere,
  • Exchanges and sharing;

Ideal if you’re looking for activities for…

  • Retirees ;
  • Families with children ;
  • Groups of friends,
  • Lovers of good food ;
  • Lovers of encounters and immersive experiences ;
  • Travelers and solo travelers ;

The spirit

This walk is an invitation to discover the culinary traditions of the Zriba Berbers and the history of a village nestled in the mountains of Djebel Zaghouan. All our products are local, and our recipes are authentic, handed down from generation to generation. We’re delighted to welcome you to Dar Zriba, where you can discover a rich and unusual culture and gastronomy.
Your visit will also be an opportunity to support our efforts to preserve the heritage of this region of Tunisia. It’s a walk that’s both cultural and supportive

We’ve got you covered…

Arrival at Dar Zriba. Welcome and discussion of the experience.
I’ll tell you about the history of our village and its people, and accompany you on a tour of our Dar Zriba house, which I’ve named after my home village. Now in ruins, the village is nestled in the Djebel Zaghouan mountains. Here, the mystical tradition of the zaouïa has blended with Berber traditions, which are reflected in various aspects of our culture, including our cuisine.
Without too much delay, we discover with the women of Dar Zriba our local products and the ingredients of traditional dishes. They’ll invite you to help them prepare one of the dishes, depending on the season, and introduce you to the simplest gestures so that you can take over the preparations at home.
Afterwards, we all go to the table to taste and enjoy the dish and the various dishes and products we have.
Friendly atmosphere guaranteed.


  • On request.
  • Our prices include: the organization of the experience, the fees of the mediator-trainer, the products used and served during the experience and the tasting.
  • Our prices do not include: transport, insurance.
  • Terms of payment: please consult the host.
  • Reservation and cancellation policy: consult host.

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