Culinary and oenological immersion in Thibar with Ali

Take your taste buds on a Thibar wine tour!

Discover Thibar’s enchanting secrets through three unmissable gastronomic treasures. Thibar’s generous vineyards will reveal exceptional wines, produced with passion and elevating the pleasure of tasting to new heights. Our artisan cheeses, true witnesses to centuries-old traditions, will captivate your senses with their delicate textures and rich flavors. Finally, plunge into the unique world of Thibar black meats, where tradition meets innovation to create unforgettable taste sensations.

Period: All year round at weekends and during school vacations

Duration: 2 days

Participants: individuals and groups

Level: all levels

Languages: Arabic, French, English, Spanish, German

Location: Thibar

Your host: Ali Sliti

Highlights of the experience

  • Escape to a region of breathtaking scenery ;
  • Meet our local producers;
  • Visit Thibar, one of Tunisia’s most famous wine-growing regions;
  • Discover Thibar’s grape varieties and aromas;
  • Local wine tasting;
  • Experiment with different food and wine pairings from our region;
  • Discover the artisanal cheeses of our region;
  • Discover the flavours of Thibar black meat;
  • Take part in a cooking class led by specialists.

Ideal if you’re looking for activities to …

  • Food lovers ;
  • Wine lovers;
  • The culturally curious ;
  • Couples and groups of friends;
  • Food and culinary industry professionals;
  • Connoisseurs of local produce;
  • Couples in search of romance;
  • Foodies and epicureans ;
  • Bloggers and culinary influencers.

The spirit

This experiment recognizes the importance of nature in food production. Vineyards, farms and surrounding landscapes are seen as essential elements in understanding the provenance of food and drink.

It also embodies a spirit of discovery, delight and immersion in local gastronomic culture. You’ll be guided by the desire to discover new tastes, aromas and textures, and to explore the origins and stories behind each dish.

It’s also an experience that encourages learning and sharing, where you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in Thibar’s culinary traditions. Learn from local artisans, chefs and producers. You’ll develop a deep appreciation for the ingredients, traditional production techniques and terroir that help create authentic flavors.

Every tasting, every dish and every experience is lived with sensory wonder. You’ll take time to savor every bite, exploring the subtle nuances that make up complex taste profiles.

All in all, the Thibar taste journey is an adventure that celebrates a passion for cooking, an exploration of taste and a deep connection with local food culture. It’s an experience that nourishes both body and mind, leaving a lasting imprint of pleasure and culinary discovery.

We’ve got you covered…

Thibar’s taste buds have been carefully crafted to offer a unique and memorable culinary experience. Here’s what we have in store for you:
– a feast of authentic flavors: immerse yourself in a festival of authentic Thibar tastes. We’ve carefully selected a variety of local dishes, artisan delights and regional specialties to satisfy your culinary curiosity.
– encounters with culinary artisans: meet the people who create magic in the kitchen. You’ll have the chance to chat with passionate local chefs, visit wine and cheese producers and learn more about their trades.
– engaging tasting workshops: our tasting workshops are designed to stimulate your senses and enrich your knowledge. Learn to appreciate the subtleties of the wines, discover the secrets of cheese-making and explore the unique characteristics of Thibar black meat.
– local culture: immerse yourself in Thibar’s gastronomic culture. Explore bustling markets, watch traditional cooking demonstrations and discover the stories and traditions that shape the region’s cuisine.
– the art of food and wine pairing: discover the art of pairing food and wine for an exceptional taste experience. Our expert pairers will guide you through flavor combinations that will enhance your meals and delight your taste buds.
– the creation of unforgettable memories: moments shared around a table, memorable tastings and inspiring encounters will remain etched in your mind. We offer you the chance to create culinary memories that will last a lifetime.
– a plunge into culinary history: through every dish, every sip of wine and every mouthful of cheese, you’ll discover deep historical and cultural roots. Let us guide you through an exploration that takes you back in time.
In short, the Thibar taste journey is an experience carefully crafted to allow you to savor every moment, explore the region’s culinary riches and immerse yourself in a gustatory adventure that will awaken your senses and nourish your passion for cuisine.


  • On request.
  • Our prices include: design and organization of the experience, accommodation, visits and culinary activities proposed in the program, workshop materials and transportation.
  • Our prices do not include: insurance, extras.

For precise information on prices and options available for a taste buds’ trip to Thibar, I recommend contacting travel agencies specializing in culinary experiences or consulting online travel sites. This will enable you to obtain personalized quotes based on your preferences and budget.

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