Discover oasis culture and date cooking with Awatef Saad, founder of Taïba

Authentic culinary experience with dates in Dgueche, near Tozeur

Experience a real immersion in the world of oasis women and discover the culture and cuisine of dates. A moment of sharing with an authentic culinary experience to introduce you to the secrets of date derivatives. The program includes a visit to the palm grove, traditional date picking (during date season), preparation of traditional dishes such as Saffa, Rfissa and tasting of date syrup and date juice from the Taïba estate.

Period: All year round

Duration: Half a day

Participants: from 1 to 15 people

Level: Accessible to all

Languages: Arabic, French

Location: Taiba, Zawiet Al Arab, Dgueche, Tozeur

Transport and accommodation: Not included in the experience

Your host : Awated Saad

Awatef Saad

Awatef warmly welcomes you to her family home in Dgueche, a few kilometers from Tozeur. She guides you through the various stages of the presentation of date cultivation in the Djerid region.
Awatef invites you to discover the authentic world of the Tozeur date estate. Holder of her national certificate for the quality of dates and date derivatives in her field, she is a great enthusiast. She wants to pass on her knowledge and love of date-growing and her Taïba extracts, making you feel like part of the family!

Highlights of the experience

  • An authentic experience between history and terroir in Dgueche, Tozeur ;
  • A cultural, gustatory and human immersion;
  • Visit the palm grove;
  • Tasting, sensory discovery and great moments of exchange and sharing;
  • An experience adaptable to all ages and levels.

Ideal if you’re looking for activities for…

  • Families with children ;
  • Couples getaways ;
  • Solo travelers ;
  • Retirees;
  • Your company’s employees and partners;
  • Those who love culinary experiences.

The spirit

For one day, you’ll live an authentic and immersive experience with my family and my village. You’ll experience moments of pure sharing in a simple, good-humored atmosphere. You’ll be introduced to the culture and culinary know-how of our oases. During the date season, you can take part in the collection and see all stages of production of its by-products: date syrup, date vinegar, date flour, date sugar, date coffee and stuffed dates. I also explain the various virtues and benefits of this oasis culture.

We’ve got you covered

Spend a day discovering date palms in the Dgueche palm grove in Tozeur. Afterwards, you’ll visit the estate and the date-derivative production workshop.

After a demonstration of the varieties of products extracted from dates and the manufacturing process, you’ll be invited to enjoy a tasting session. Afterwards, you’ll be invited to a welcome drink, where you’ll have the opportunity to take a sensory journey dressed in the traditional clothes of the Djerid region.

To round off this experience, we’ll prepare a traditional lunch together, featuring succulent dishes and traditional fare from our beautiful region.


  • On request.
  • Prices include: organization of the experience, products used and served during the experience and tasting, breakfast and lunch.
  • Prices do not include: transport, insurance.
  • Terms of payment: please consult the host.
  • Reservation and cancellation policy: consult host.

Recommendations for running the experiment smoothly :

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

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