Cheeses: fresh and mature



In Tunisia, cheese is often simply curdled milk.
and drained, scented with aromatic herbs. But not
only. 150 kilometers from the Tunisian coast,
there’s Sicily: Tunisia has long since borrowed ricotta
ricotta and a well-known sheep’s milk cheese
under the name of Sicilian. More recently, young
producers have set up shop and are developing a whole range of
of products, from fresh to mature. Goat’s milk, cow’s milk
or sheep’s milk, today’s Tunisian cheeses
have plenty of character!

Your cheese get-togethers :

Events : Béja Cheese Festival (variable dates).

Tasting : fresh cheeses and ricotta are commonly sold in covered markets. A wide variety can be found in Béja, at the market on rue Kheireddine Pacha, and in Testour on the main street. Mature cheeses can be found in delicatessens. You can also visit the producers on site.